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Monday, 21 December 2015

What VISA Requirements Are Needed To Immigrate To Thailand?

What VISA Requirements Are Needed To Immigrate To Thailand?

If you ever fancied going solo and living your life to the maximum, then why not go and live in Thailand for some time? It's fun, friendly, and there is plenty to do. Buy a house, buy a car, and whatever the ex misses/husband told you that you could not. Moving to Thailand is a huge option, but there are certain requirements that you need to pass to immigrate and retire in Thailand, Asia.

These requirements are in place so that the government in Thailand know that you can live your live with ease - and your not costing them anything. Each country has their own individual requirements.

Thailand's visa requirements change almost every year but be sure to check them before you buy a Visa.

Thailand Visa Documents

ThaiVISA - The Requirements - 21/12/2015

  • A Foreigner can be over 50 years old to retire in Thailand. Which is very good if you retired early.
  • Employment is not permitted on the permit. Even when working from home. They are very tough on this. 
  • You must be able to prove your income from your pension. This can be done with bank statements. The pension must be over 65,000thb per month. 
  • If you can do the above there is another way. You must have 800,000 thb in savings - this must be proved every year. 
  • Have no criminal record at home or in Thailand.

The Visa Need For Retirement is The Non-immigrant O-A

You can apply for this visa in your own country. Usually at a Thai Embassy; in England you can apply in person at any of their offices including Birmingham, In America the same. 

Websites of Interest: Thai Embassy Washington
                                  Thai Embassy UK
                                  Thai Embassy China
                                  Thai Embassy Australia

Paperwork Requirement For The Non-Immigrant O-A Visa

Each country has their own specifications. Below is the list of things needed to apply for the Non O-A Visa. You must be certain to have all the correct paperwork - or you risk them saying no.
  • Passport - with at least 6 months validity and one empty page.
  • Visa Application Form - Filled out in black pen.
  • Three passport sized photos taken from the past 6 months. No hats or glasses. Must be taken in a light room.
  • Copy of Bank Statements - proof you have at least 65,000 thb income
                                          - deposit of 800,000
                                          - Employment Certificates are also acceptable.
  • A letter certifying that you don't have a criminal background.

Important: At the end of every 90 day period, the foreigner must report to the immigration officer in their residence. You must take with you proof of income into a Thai bank account.

Many people come to Thailand and overstay their Thai Visa. As of 2016, if you overstay your VISA, there's a huge chance that you will be blacklisted and not be allowed to enter the Kingdom of Thai for a very long time!

The alternative is to marry a Thai girl and see what happens next.

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