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Saturday, 5 December 2015

4 Cool Ways To Travel Thailand

Travel In Thailand 2016

Tuk tuks are the most enjoyable and scariest experiences that you can have in Thailand. Thai Tuk Tuks are small three wheeled motor-bikes. They are designed specifically for short distance journeys. Tuk - tuks are quite simply thrilling. Other modes of transport include the old wooden boats; the song-tow which is a small bus. These are unique ways to travel in Thailand. Take a look at our list for other ways. Tuk - Tuks all the way.


1. The number one way to travel Thailand is by Tuk-Tuk. As you arrive in Phuket you can see Tuk-Tuks immediately (just like Tuk-Tuks in Cambodia).

You will have the time of your life speeding around on the motorbike taxis. You will also fear for your life - as the drivers weave in and out of traffic. The tuk tuk driver will just laugh and laugh and if you ask him to slow down, he'll probably laugh some more.


Be aware of the drivers, they will try to sell you other things such as Phuket tours. If you want to go on Phuket tours its highly recommended that you go direct to the travel agents.

If you have just arrived they might even try to sell you beds in Phuket hotels - you shouldn't blame them. They are just trying to earn more money. And at the end of it, they will give you the ride of your life.

Phuket travel can be expensive so using a tuk - tuk sometimes, will allow you to have some fun and save a bit of money. Make sure you agree a price before you get into the tuk - tuk.

Travel Thailand By Motorbike / Scooter

2. Getting around Thailand on a motorbike is very fun. It gives you a high amount of pleasure. Do you always want to rely on public transport? With a motorbike-for-rent in Thailand you can get off the beaten track and explore some un-known places.

The most popular motorbikes to ride in this country are Honda motorbikes. Easy to use, especially if you have a scooter. And if you break down, the motorbike can be repaired easily.

There are many motorbikes for sale and there are plenty of show rooms to choose from. So if your in Thailand for the long-term as an expat, this could be the best option.  There are Honda and Suzuki shops everywhere. 

You could even choose to buy a second hand motorbike off a local - but make sure you check the motorbike - try before you buy. Make sure it doesn't sound weird (the engine), check the oil, check the lights, check the horn - check, check, and check again.


Renting for the short-term is a great idea. Make sure you check the motorbike for damage before you rent, especially if you a renting in a tourist destination such as Pattaya or Phuket. 

Never hand over your passport to the bike shops - leave them with a copy of your passport, and large deposit if needs be. Or if you know many people you could rent off another foreigner - this is the safest way. 

Unless your holiday insurance covers motorbike accidents, you probably won't be insured - so just be very very careful when riding.

Or you can choose to go on a motorbike tour with a Thai tour group. There's also the option of to rent a motorbike. If you are staying for a long period, you can also consider getting a motorbike license in Thailand.

Travel Thailand By Bus

You can travel using the local buses. They will be available almost all of the time. In the less touristy areas of Thailand - its great to ride a bus because you meet real locals and monks plus they are so cheap. 10 baht, one way - yes please.


If you are travelling out of Bangkok (BKK) there are a number of VIP buses available such as a 32 seater air-con bus which can take you to a variety of places. And run regularly. 

Bellow is a time-table taken as an example from  sawade .

From BangkokTo Bangkok
Bangkok - Tha Ton1,03689013:0019:2017:00
Bangkok - Chiang Mai83771309:3009:00, 21:0009:00, 21:00
Bangkok - Chiang Rai93080111:0020:2019:00
Bangkok - Mae Sai1,00085712:0007:30, 19:40 07:00, 17:40 
Bangkok - Lamphun80668509:0020:3019:30
Bangkok - Nan (Thung Chang)90476611:0020:0017:15
Bangkok - Phrae66155508:0020:3020:45
Bangkok - Mae Sot63852007:3021:30, 22:30, 22:4021:15, 21:30, 21:40

When travelling long distances such as Bangkok to Phuket be vary wary of other people. Whenever you leave the bus to have a break take your belongings with you. And always keep your passport and bank card with you at all times - don't put them in the luggage hold.

You can also book mini-vans with similar prices to the ones above. The driving for all of this kind of transport is insane. I thought I was going to die on my trip from Phuket to Bangkok - the bus wouldn't stop shaking during the night - this was down to speeding.

Usually you can book your bus journey's at your hotels or one of the many travel agents on the streets - be careful if you are booking through a travel agent they will add some money on top of the original price. 

Travel Thailand Islands by Long Tail Boats

4. Now this is an old school way to travel - these boats are years old, and water fills up quickly inside - probably being emptied by a plug hole at the back of the boat.

I have traveled by long-tail boat when visiting maya-bay near Koh-Phi-Phi. Booked through a tour agents. The driver of the boat really didn't like his job. quite miserable at times. If you are afraid of the sea - don't go by long tail boats - because you will s@@! yourself.

long tail boats thailand

The long tail boat is narrow, wooded, and full of holes. It has one propelled engine, if that happened to blow up - you would be stranded. Usually they take about 10 tourists on one boat. And the waters can be choppy and sometimes it feels like you are going to go overboard! Long-tail boats are old fishing boats.

Please leaves some comments below about your experiences of transport in Thailand.