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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Phuket to Koh Phi Phi Thailand's Most Splendid Island.

The Island of Koh Phi Phi (not Koh PP or Koh Pi pi or even Pee Pee!)

Phi Phi island is located in the South of Thailand near Phuket. Here you can find cheap hotels for your stay. There's many things to do including water sports. Stay at Koh Phi Phi Don Hotels. Travel from Phuket to Phi Phi with ease.

After spending 3 nights in Krabi, I moved on. Time to visit a real jewel of an island in Thailand. Koh Phi Phi is probably one of the smallest 'tourist' islands in the South. There are many islands on the south including Koh Phangyan
and Koh Samui.

Easily Travel from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi

From here you can go out on boat trips across to other islands, you can sunbathe, get drunk and drink buckets. Phi Phi is a very small island and can be over-crowded so 
the option of a tour is inviting.


Travel By Ferry To Phi Phi

From Krabi, it takes around 4 hours by ferry, just don't drop your ticket in the sea
like I did! Fortunately for me the ferryman saw the incident and took pity.

The views of the other islands from the boat are stunning. Most of them
shoot straight up into lime-scale cliffs. Beautiful but very similar to its Vietnam
counterpart - Halong Bay.

When arriving in Koh Phi Phi, you have to pay a small fee, at the port, of 20 baht -
this was quoted in 2012, but probably a lot higher now.

Apparently this goes towards cleaning the island - after spending 8 days there,
I've come to the conclusion it goes to some mafia family's back pocket.

The island is very small and very busy, so it can be frustrating getting around. 
There are no taxi's or Tuk - Tuks on the island which is a gift in itself, no 
pollution - bar the litter from the foreign tourists.

Around the island are Tsunami evacuation points in case of an emergency.
Because of how small Phi Phi is, it really brings home what the Thai people
and holidaymakers would of experienced during the boxing day disaster.

On the upside the Thai people are as happy as ever and getting on with life -
although it was quite a while ago now, everything been built back up and I've
so far seen barely any evidence of a natural disaster.

Day Trips Snorkeling Around Phi Phi Islands

I decided to go on a snorkeling trip on Koh Phi Phi, which was a nice cheap day
out. We visited monkey beach, literally where the monkeys hang out, so
inventively named. They snatch and grab as much as they can from tourists, clever
little bastards, I left my things on the boat, so they got nothing from me
Monkey 0 - Liam 1.

After that the boat took us to a viking cave, which was a load of crap, it was
a cave and on the outside, lots of bamboo put together, to make it look a little
historic. Everyone else was taking photos, I was laughing at these gullible tourists.

Then to Maya Bay, which is where they filmed, The Beach starring Leonardo
D Caprio. Wonderful white sandy beach, only thing was that the water was very
shallow, it basically felt like a glorified bath.

The island itself was quiet, and peaceful. We also did some snorkeling which 
was fun, apart from I can't use the mouth piece of a snorkel. So I was pretty much 
goggle-ing my way around the fish. I learnt colorful fish are nice in clear water. 
I did keep an eye out for sharks!

All in all this is a cheap nice little excursion, remember take tonnes of water
it gets hot sitting in a boat. The boat was some kind of long boat, i don't know
what they call them.

Nightlife On Phi Phi

Finally the party scene here is ace, there's a few nice bars and there's an awesome
beach bar which everyone ends up at. To save money I bought buckets
(a bottle of whisky or vodka, mixed with Thai Red Bull and Coke) from street
vendors for 150 baht. They cost 400 baht or so in the bar, I then took into the
party via the beach entrance.

Met some great people here, in my hostel, 24 mixed dorm, some of them were ill,
some of them were working there, and there were rabbits in a cage outside.

Great place Flower Bungalows, check it out if you ever visit. I ended up staying
for 8 days. It was in basically a massive beach hut with a tonne of people, a cold
shower and a lot of beautiful people.