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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Bangkok: Documents Needed To Apply For A Work Permit

6 Documents You Need To Apply For A Work Permit in Thailand

Alien Workers - Non Residents

When looking to work anywhere in the world as an alien worker, you need to make sure that you have the right paperwork to apply for a work permit. Without a work permit, in most cases, you cannot work in the country you are planning to work in.

Thailand Non-B Visa

Always make sure you have to correct VISA for when you arrive, in Thailand you need a non-b Visa which then can be converted into a work permit. Ask your agency or your company to apply for the Non-B Visa, before you leave your country. You can do this at your nearest Thai Embassy.

Obtaining a doctors certificate was fun for me. I was in a small town with one drop in doctors. They looked at me, laughed. Took my blood pressure, laughed. Gave me the results, laughed. And told me I needed to lose weight and laughed again. I was 124 kilo's so they were right. 

Have a look below for a useful information list of what you may need to gain a work permit in Thailand.

Required papers for a work permit

After you have your non-immigrant visa, you can now apply for a work permit.  Below are some documents needed to obtain the work permit. Your work permit will be similar to a passport, and blue in color. When leaving Thailand you must return it to the immigration office.
  1. A copy of the picture page/id page of your passport (passport number page). 
  2. Hard-copy of non-immigrant visa/ 
  3. A copy current entrance stamp into Thailand.
  4. 2 color, 4 x 5 centimeter photos 
  5. Copy of your degree or resume or transcript and a declaration that' it is a true and original document and then paying an authentication fee.      
                6. Doctor certificate showing you are in good health.  obt

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