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Monday, 10 August 2015

Top Tips Why Asian Girls Are More Attractive Than Taylor Swift

Japanese Girls, Thai Girls, Chinese Girls, and Russian Girls

Having been across many different countries in Asia, and living in England for over 20 years. I can firmly say that Thai girls and Asian are more attractive than a majority of western girls (in England at least). The question is why?  Many Asian countries are poorer than England. They don't have much welfare or state handouts. Maybe they are more attractive because they try harder. Or maybe they are just better at thaisex!

Many Chinese girls that I've met come from varied background, some have good jobs, some don't. Some can't even afford to survive. But they always look their best; whether that be a transgender with a smart haircut or a pretty girl with the newest make-up. They always keep up their appearances.

So the real question is why don't girls try to look better in England? And let me get this straight - I only mean for themselves and their self-esteem not for judgmental people. After all the better you look, the better you feel. It feels like many girls have let themselves go and just don't care. Even today after visiting the local town - I noticed some of the types. You know the one's with extra weight, that wear sking tight trousers and small tight tops. Leaving their fat to over-spill for everyone to see.

The girls don't appear like this in Asia, neither do the men. The men are generally well groomed, and take care of themselves. In many Asian countries men and women have to improve their status so they can enjoy happier lives. Their is a lot of pressure on them to take care of the whole family including elders of all families.

So if you don't agree that's fine. But I this is a personal opinion and nothing else. And Taylor Swift is irrelevant. 

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