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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

From Bangkok to Krabi - Escaping the madness...

How To Travel From Bangkok (Bkk) To Krabi

On the 7th day in Bangkok, the time had arrived, south Thailand was imminent. I packed my bags, off loaded some jumpers, and waited at my guest house until 5pm. It was time to go South, I was so happy to be leaving the incredibly busy city of Bangkok with a population of over 10 million! I had a good time in Bangkok met some good people, who were also heading in different directions, but my time here was done.

A mini bus collected me from my hotel and took me, along with others, to a roundabout to wait for the big coach. The coach pulled up and was massive and colourful, it was also the same inside. The journey was to take around 18 hours with one main stop for a break.

The seats and space were quite good and it had air-con. I also had a seat at the front with loads of leg space. I was sat with a Kiwi who told me of his adventure's. It was an okay journey. I had to put the blanket they provided us over my head to sleep!

Our last transfer was in the middle of the country side - and I could see dogs everywhere and the owners of the building at this stop had a three legged dog!!! There were two dogs who decided when someone on a scooter drove past, that they would chase them. The coach driver was a very angry character always moaning at people, he has a big colourful bus, whats there to moan about!

Eventually I arrived at my new guest house after haggling with another taxi driver, managed to get him down around 80 baht! I'll put up more information about this guest house soon, what i'll say for now is I have 2 big pillows which is great!

Krabi town is worlds apart from Bangkok, no Tuk-Tuk drivers - yippppeeeeee, not tonnes of food stools yipeeee and less pollution. I'm so glad to have arrived down South.

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