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Monday, 29 October 2012

Cheap Hotel Krabi Thailand

Cheap Hotels - Krabi, Thailand 

I arrived in Krabi, which is near Railay beach, and booking my hotel early was the right choice as it was a very cheap hotel. 

My hotel was a guest house based in the town center of Krabi. Krabi is a small quaint town and not so busy it's a place where people go to escape the tourism and parties for a couple of days.

It's also has a lot of cheap hotels.  


The staff at the guest house were all Thai and spoke very good English. The guest house rooms are based in 2 places; Good Dream 1 is where the reception is based, they also have a restaurant here which serves western food as well as Thai. They have computers free for guests to use (again so cheap :). I was over at Good Dream 2, which was over the road.

The room itself was great, thick walls, thick mattress and thick guest of course. And the bed was actually raised off the floor. Floor was tiled which meant the room was extra cool and of course I had a fan!!!

They have a movie night every night at 7pm over at the restaurant - I managed to watch Spiderman, Karl Pilkington in Bangkok and Hangover 2, and an awful lot of friends!!

Overall this was good value for money 250baht (£5) per night. The staff do the best they can for you, try to get your excursions cheap and are very helpful. This place is also run by an ex-backper and he understands what the customers need.

Didn't meet anyone here but heading too Phuket soon where I'll stay in a dormitory!!!

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