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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Thailand Weather - Are The Seasons Really That Bad?

Seasons of Thailand

The Thailand Weather is very different whether you go to North Thailand (ISSAN) or the South - Gulf of Thailand

Peak Season - December to February there is no rainfall but you do get strong winds to keep the rising temperatures at bay. 

April - June - The weather has rising temperatures that can reach up to 35 degree's and during these months there is little chance of rain. Sometimes there will be rainfall - in one hour blocks - make sure you have a poncho.

July - Sept - This period is just hot, hot, and hot! Expect to be burnt. Temperatures reach up to 40 degrees with no chance of rain. 

October - November - This is monsoon season, where you can expect downpours for hours on end of rain, rain and more rain. In the day time it will be hot, and in the evening it will be cold. 


Whens the best time to visit Thailand?

If you don't mind the heat and you don't want to be bothered by frequent downpours of heavy rain. The suggestion is to go during peak season - although this has it's draw backs as its full of travelers - and prices go up on everything. Hotels in Thailand are more expensive during this time. But don't be put off - visit Thailand as soon as you can you will absolutely love it. Thailand weather - we love it.