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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Bangkok Tourism Update

Bangkok Bombing, Thailand Impacts Tourism

The Bangkok bombing has had a huge impact in Thai Tourism with 17 per cent less tourists arriving in Thailand.

Thailand were already trying to increase the numbers of tourist since the military coup.

Before the Bangkok bomb, the daily numbers of tourists in Thailand were at 85000 per day. At the moment this has slipped down to 70,000.
“The tourism impact ... will probably be a short-term impact,” Tourism and Sports Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul told a press conference.
 “Tourism will definitely pick up in the fourth quarter.”
But, they only believe this to be temporary. Thai Tourism Boards believe they can still hit their target for the year

August 1st to August 23rd = 2.1 million (more than the same period in 2014)

This amount of generate approximately 102 million thb. This year had been going really well for Thailand with increases in travel and tourism numbers rising every month this year.
David Scowsill, president of the World Travel and Tourism Council, said tourists jitters would not last.
“Thailand is not going to go through massive levels of trauma,” he said. “When we look out at the next six months, there’s no indication of wholesale cancellations.” - The World Travel and Tourism Council
It is still safe to travel in one of the worlds most beautiful countries. You just need to be aware of your own safety. As an example of the London Underground and Bus Bombings, the tourism has recovered and they are doing well. Let's hope all countries stay safe.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Bangkok Bombing Update 2015

Thailand have now trebled the reward money for information leading to the arrest of the Bangkok bomber, this reward now stands at 3 million Thai Baht (£53,000).

Prime Minister Prayuth said he would "expedite all investigations to bring perpetrators to justice"

Thai TV Made A Fool Of Themselves

On Wednesday Nation TV station sent a look a like dressed in yellow to the scene of the bombing. This was an outragous and un-thoughtful thing to do. Nation TV have accepted they are wrong and have apologised. They also stopped filming when they saw the distress it was causing to the pubic - they shouldn't ever of done this. As a national TV station they ignored their responsibility to the public. 

 Nation Broadcasting Corporation president Adisak Limprungpatanakij said the plan was made 'without consideration for the sensitivity of the public and with disrespect for the dead'. 

He said the station would consider disciplining those responsible. 


Royal Thailand Police, and the people in charge are now believed to be seeking a foreigner in relation to the bombings. It is also believed they are asking for help from America.