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Saturday, 12 December 2015

28 Year Old British Woman Killed in Phuket

28 Year Old British Girl Dies in Phuket

Today Phuket News reported the incident. At 1130am a woman was reportedly knocked off her motorbike and sustained a broken neck.

Police rush to the accident after being alerted by Kusoidham Patong rescue workers that a woman from abroad had sustained a broken neck after a crash.

The accident involved a pick up truck which allegedly had rammed the motorbike. When they officers arrived at the scene they found a black Toyota Vigos pickup truck - which was from Phuket.

On the ground next to the pickup was a smashed red and white Honda Wave motorbike with Nakhon Pathom plates. - said Phuket News.
A witness told police that there were two women on the motorbike, who'd just left a nearby Family Mart on the opposite side of the road, and had attempted to make a U-turn, to head back in the direction of Patong when they were finally rammed by the pickup truck from behind. 

The Phuket News is withholding the name of the victim until it can be confirmed that her family have been notified. 
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Motorbike Deaths in Thailand - Second Highest In The World

We must stress again unless you have a motorbike license and are experienced then don't hire a bike in Thailand as the graph below shows statistics for road fatalities. We have included this in the article to stress the fact that roads are unsafe in Thailand. Be careful.


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Australian Found Dead in Thailand

Update - Australian Found Dead in Thailand....Sattahip.

The kidnapped 38-year-old Australian Hells Angels motorcycle gang member Wayne Rodney Schneider was found dead at a roadside bush in Sattahip district in Chonburi province.

  • He was found buried in a shallow grave, under the ground at a roadside bush on the road in Sattahip.
  • He was kidnapped by five masked men in Pattaya on Monday morning from his rented house in Jomtien Park Villas housing estate.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Out Of Control Riots in Phuket

Riots in Thaland, Phuket Cause Misery - 2 Deaths

Two young men were riding a moped and were chased by police. This escalated and now they are dead. Police state that they were drug suspects, and as soon as they seen a cop car, they sped off, which in turn, caused the police chase.

One of the young men has been named as Prathomwat Panarak, 22 the other young mans name has been witheld due to his age (17). 

The motorbike lost control and slammed head on into another oncoming patrol car near the entrance of Tonsai Waterfall Rd. The crash impact left both victims with severe head injuries and were both pronounced dead upon arrival at Thalang Hospital. - Phuket News

The angry mob then confronted the police about the situation which then led into riots. You can follow more information at Phuket News.