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Monday, 9 November 2015

Thai Girls Arrested in India - Happy Ending? Too soon to tell.

There Was No 'Happy Ending'

18 people were arrested for presumably running brothels hidden by the guise of  two spas at Banipark. Among-st the scoundrels were 10 Thai girls, again presumably selling 'other' services, other than natural massages - lets just call it a 'happy massage'.

The Thais and eight men were booked at Sadar police station for breaching the Immoral Trafficking Act. - Stated the National Media

The arrests followed after members of the public complained about the par-lours.

Police raided the Crystal Mall at Banipark and arrested the manager, four Thai girls and helpers at the Thai Harmony Spa. Six Thai girls, three customers and the manager of Crystal Spa were also arrested. The girls charge between Rs3000 (Bt1,600) to Rs 6,000 (Bt3,200) for a massage with illicit relations, police said.Police have the Thai girls' visas and passports and are checking their backgrounds. - National Media
The state of the world is depressing, especially in places like India, where rape is common place, open air and in public. People just ignore it. But when these massage parlours operate a 'happy ending' service. And in a controlled environment, people get arrested. We can say prostitution is wrong, and morally it is. But we cannot stop this from happening its an oddity that happens all over the world. Controlled environments are the way forward, as we cannot stop this happening. No matter how much we want it to stop - it won't. 

PATTAYA - Bar Girl Arrested