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Friday, 27 May 2016

Teach English in China - August 2016

Teach TESL/ESL In Shenzhen in China 2016

We are recruiting for foreign language teachers for this coming term which begins in Autumn 2016. ESL Teachers are needed to teach in public schools in China. The positions vary from primary school to high school and are located in places such as Shenzhen (SZ), Guandong Province – China.

Shenzhen, Guangdong Province China

Shenzhen is one of China’s newest top tier cities. Just over 30 years ago Shenzhen was full of fisheries and land. In 2016 it has a population of around 20 million people – and enough coffee shops, shopping malls, and places of interest – it surely is one of the best places to become an expat. Located right next to Hong Kong, it makes travelling Asia during school holidays, a breeze.

Job Role: ESL/EFL/TEFL Teacher


No Experience Needed

If you haven’t taught English as a Foreign Language before you can still apply for our positions. The salary will be different to a teacher with experience. The one thing that’s needed is a TEFL certificate along with your Bachelors Degree. A TEFL Certificate can be done online for a small fee, or you can join us in house for our own TEFL course, which also comes with a small fee.

What we are looking for:

  1. Our ideal candidates must have graduated from University.
  2. You must be a native English Speaker from America and England etc and graduated from a University in your home country.
  3. You must have a desire to work with children.
  4. You must be professional at all times.
  5. Undertake any tasks that are set by the school.

In Return You Will Get Benefits That Include:

  1. Free return flights – In form of a bonus at the end of the contract.
  2. Free Accommodation
  3. Monthly salary of $1000 – $1200
  4. Handling of all Visa paperwork – Fee’s Covered
  5. Free lunches at school
  6. Your one-week TEFL course – accredited by the Chinese government.
  7. Cultural Activities and extra teacher training opportunities.
  8. Help finding part – time work.
What Next?
If you are interested then please forward an email to . We can then set up an informal interview on Skye where we can discuss the position further.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Teach Anywhere Change Your Life

Teach Anywhere - Teach English Abroad

Top 5 Teaching Websites - Recruitment

Websites to help find teaching positions and jobs in Thailand and the World are all over the internet - so here at we have our top picks.

5. - This is an up to date jobsite that contains the latest ESL teaching positions in all of china, from hour-lies to contract work. There is a lot to see and read, there's forums, and news sections. There is also a handy tool to register your CV and interest.

echinacities teaching

4. - This site crops up often in google searches. It has an abudence of esl jobs across the world, and it has a focused area for Asia. It also has a lovely design.

3. - This is also a website based for teaching positions around the world, you can find esl, tefl, international jobs all over asia. Easy to use interface, must sign up to use this service. Recruiters will contact you via their platform.

seriousteachers esl efl tesol

2. - Having previously working for these guys, they are a very responsible recruitment company in Asia. They take care of the teachers right from the beginning and are able to find the best jobs for you.

TFA Ireland, edl, efl, tesol, thailand, china

1. as we love Thailand we have put this site at number 1. It is a number one site for looking for jobs in Thailand. There's a forum, and also a long list of interview Q and A's designed for the 'users' to get an idea of the teaching experience in Asia.


All the websites mentioned here are great resources for finding work in Asia (or the rest of the world). Please don't pay any money to people that can find you work, and check out VISA regulations for every country. 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Teach English in Primary Schools China 2016

Become A Teacher in Primary School, China 2016

An Education company in Shenzhen, China is currently looking for teachers to begin in September 2016. Working in government schools. Shenzhen is a modern city in China, it has sprung up into a city of 20 million people in the past 20 years. It has great transport links, cost of living is very cheap, and there is coffee shops everywhere! The exact location in Shenzhen is Futian District, next to Hong Kong, with many things to do.

Primary schools here range from aged 4 to 12 years old, after that students will go onto a middle school and then a high school. The bonus of a primary school is students are always eager to learn.

Position requirements: 2 years teaching experience
                                        must hold a honors degree
                                        must hold an esl/tefl certificate of 120 hours (in class) willing to obtain
                                        must have a strong interest in Chinese Culture.
                                        must be a native speaker from England, America, Australia, New
                                        Zealand, Ireland, Scotland etc

What you will receive in return: a competitive salary of 9,000rmb to 10,000rmb
                                                       free housing or housing subsidy of 3000rmb
                                                       work permit and resident permit paid for
                                                       free mandarin classes
                                                       free school meals
                                                       a great time teaching
                                                       4 weeks paid holiday
                                                       flights paid as bonus at the end of contract.

Working conditions: up to 20 teaching hours a week.
                                    office hours (usually 8.30am until 12pm and 2pm until 5.30pm)
                                    30 - 50 students in mixed classes

What to do next: contact me on (email title: (Shenzhen Teaching) and I will pass your CV onto the recruiters. They will then process your application.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.