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Monday, 22 February 2016

Apink Welcome To Thailand 2016 K-POP

Welcome APINK to Thailand 2016

Today's twitter trends show that  is a top trend. This is of course great for APINK a 6 piece girl band from Korea, currently part of the K-Pop Music Movement.  They began their careers in 2011 and continue to grow bigger and get better as the years go by.

The likes of EXO, APINK, and TF Boys are loved through out Asia, from Thailand to Japan and China. It literally is a huge movement, and PSY's Gangnam Style helped to spurn in.

Apink are currently in Thailand promoting there current work. And soon after, will jet off to Singapore for another music show. These are very busy girls in the show business world.

Since April 2011 the girl group has become a huge sensation with a huge fan-club spread across Asia.

Late 2016 will see APink take their tour to North America. As K-Pop, grows and grows, more of these bands become bigger and well known in the West. EXO being one of the first groups to have a top 50 album (EXOdus) in the US Charts.

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